College of Veterinary Medicine

Class of 2015

Welcome to the Home Page for Class of 2015

Class Photos


Class Officers and Committee Representatives

A list of class "officials" with a short description of their responsibilities.  Use this list to determine who to contact if you have concerns about the college and/or DVM program (e.g. Student Faculty Council).

Class Discussion Forum

Any issues or complaints to be brought to the attention of your class government can be directly sent to the officer in charge, or to class president Alan Kelley.  

Problems and Complaints Regarding a Specific Course or Instructor

This is a defined step-wise procedure for dealing with problems in an ongoing course. 

CVM Student Policies and Committees


E-suggestion Box

The E-suggestion Box is a mechanism for students to offer anonymous suggestions, comments or complaints for the college regarding matters that do not need immediate attention (it's checked about once a month). 

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